Release v.0.7 is now available !

It's time to a new very very small update for Yokai's Woods !

Now, your life can change at any time, in the woods. 

Here are all the new features in this version :

  • The trees of the woods have changed places, as if by magic . . .
  • Added a real introduction to the game, for a better general understanding of it.
  • Burnt souls made their way back into the woods.
  • Color change of the stones to better differentiate them (it's better that way).
  • Full controller compatibility ... (it's so cool ^^)
  • Fixed various game bugs. (because bug = monster)
  •  . . .we will never see the father again. . .

If you find any bugs or have any additions, please let the developer know !

Thanks for playing my game ^^

(See you to the next update :D) 


Yokai's Woods v0.7.rar 132 MB
Feb 23, 2018

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